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We Are Nominated!

November 2021

The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences in New York has nominated our audiobook production of 'Nodo The Chairs Mover' by Daniele Frau, in the category of Outstanding Production and Best Producer for an Audio Book.

Ben and Richard will be heading to the big apple in December to find out if we won...but more importantly, to pretend they are in Home Alone 2 doing Harry and Marv impressions as they walk through the city.

To top it all off, other nominees at the awards include Sandra Oh, Maya Rudolph, Jamie Foxx and Barack Obama.

What's Up Doc? A Documentary Film

November 2021

We are in early development of an exciting, ambitious new project that will take us into the realm of documentary film making. The film will chart the history of the voice over world and the huge impact it has had on the entertainment industry in regards to animation, film, TV, gaming, commercials and indeed documentaries. The film will take viewers on an educational, nostalgic but quick turning roller coaster ride behind the scenes of this fascinating world. Along the way we will learn industry secrets, share fascinating stories and pay homage to the extremely talented and often forgotten heroes of this fiercely competitive industry, the voice actor! All told through the eyes and voice of Jeff Bergman, one of the industry’s most versatile, successful and talented artists. We will learn all about his extraordinary career, his journey to Hollywood, the people he has met, the films, TV and shows he has worked on and the responsibility of being the successor to Mel Blank as voice of the Looney Tunes, including his latest outing as Bugs Bunny in Space Jam 2, one of the years biggest blockbusters!

That’s all folks!...for now.

Ben Nomination.jpg

Seeing - Feature Film

November 2021

Ben and Richard are honored to have been asked to represent, as executive producers, a screenplay entitled ‘Seeing’, that has been written by Dominic Devine.

The screenplay is fully developed along with ‘sizzle’ trailer and has received critical praise from industry heavyweights and key people are attached. We are on board to promote the film at this year’s American Film Market and assist in attracting finance to fully produce the feature.

Find out more about 'Seeing' at

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