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Who We Are

Passionate Storytellers

We absolutely love storytelling and strive to ensure your story, whatever it may be, can be retold accurately and truthfully without getting lost in translation.  Furthermore, we allow a dynamic and creative environment for our voice actors to give performances they can be proud of.  We have an amazing selection of talent as well as strategic partnerships with some of the best casting agents in the world.

When it comes to our audio,  we are in an exciting collaboration with a multi-award-winning studio in the heart of Dubai’s Media City, known for its audio prowess in the arena of short films, music, and commercials for many of the world’s biggest brands.

Our owner and our Creative Director both have an extensive background in the entertainment  industry and a strong passion for storytelling and performance.

With good translation, great localization, amazing audio, and outstanding performances, Mr. Ben’s Voice Box wants to constantly raise the bar of dubbing and allow audiences across the globe to keep enjoying stories as they were originally intended.

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